Greenwich, CT

ok, i’ll admit, some places in greenwich can be f-cked up. and i live in one of those neigorhoods where the kids there get everything they want handed to them. those people who think greenwich are full of preppy rich kids clearly haven’t been to the more modest neighborhoods (i.e north mi-n-s, byram, glennville) where the families and kids are hard working people and really nice. im just saying, dont hate becasue not everyone is filthy rich in this town.
greenwich, ct:
back-counrty: some filthy rich kids
byram, glennville, north mi-n-s, riverside, og:hardly any rich kids
an amazing place loved by everyone who lives there. the only haters are the jealous. kids can be brats, but that’s only natural coming from a wealthy town, just like anywhere else in the world. it’s not according to the town actually, more just the parents of these kids. yeah people may smoke, drink, and party really hard, but honestly, who doesn’t? it’s pretty ignorant to say such stereotypical things about greenwich. it’s a gorgeous place with amazing shopping and yeah the people are pretty well-dressed. but, why wouldn’t they be if they have the money to be?
ryan: g-d i hate greenwich, ct, it’s full of rich sn-bs.

tom: dude you’re just jealous.

ryan: yeah i guess, it is pretty f-cking awesome. and the parties are sick!
a bedroom community of new york city, swarming with snotty old white people. their children are wannabe sl-ts who are usually too smashed to function. despite the town’s popular “old money” reputation, everyone there reeks of new money. everyone owns a “georgian revival” mcmansion and f-ckzillion suvs.
luis: eew, what’s up with all these honkies and their fugly houses?

maya: oh sh-t, we took a wrong turn. we’re in greenwich, ct.
a sh-tt-hole where the preppy white kids live off of their parents money. the people who live there consider themselves better than others because they can afford r-t-rded suede shoes from marc jacobs. children are left with nannies while their parents get drunk and f-ck at some country club. yes, people there may have big houses and pretty-ful cars, but they give horrible tips to the mexicans who work for them. greenwich, ct, a place where you may get arrested for sagging.
-“hey, where’d you go over the weekend?”
-“augh. some f-cked up place with swarming white people.”

-“oh f-ck. are you talking about greenwich, ct?”
-.____. “sadly, yes.”

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