a large, testosterone fuled, bear like, p-rn star. usualy blessed with a p-n-s exceeding 11″
the raging griff pounded her backbox!
to kill a joke; to ruin something funny
he griffed it up again!
an absolute sweetheart who cares about the one he loves and will do absolutely anything in his power to make her happy. i love you griff
i love you
griff (v) to kill a joke
god d-mn it you griffed the joke again
a kids nickname, means “awsome kid” and “kid thats good in bed”
hey griff, whats up?
yeah im going to the movies with griff later.
this beast……..
get your bow on to him women….
couldnt be more of a legend.
person 1: where’s grif?
person 2: griff the beast? what a legend!
verb. – to totally and completely annhilate the opposing team in a videogame by only using your knife or melee attack

noun. – a fat person who enjoys eating oreo cookies
whoa! that guy just got griffed!!!

look at that griff buying tons of oreos! what a fat-ss!

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