a guy with a disgusting moustache and speaks in javascript.
man, i met this guy who was such a griffinschneider.

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  • Grimpish

    the act of being generally repulsed by your own smell, and/or the smell of your significant other. my god, i feel so very grimpish today

  • Grizzly Tank

    essentially an m1-series tank equipped with anti-mine gear. “the allies in c&c : red alert 2 have grizzlies. they looks like m1’s, but after researching on the fas, the grizzly is a project involving anti-mine capabilities by equipping an m1 tank with such items.” -me

  • grocery stick

    a person who acts as a divider between groups or other people, can be useless. best describes the worst player on the hockey team that sits on the bench and separates the lines. look at that useless guy, he’s a f-ckin grocery stick

  • groin maggots

    anything in or around the groin that moves independent of the bearer, male or female. cindi: the b-tch took her her panties off and threw them on the floor and the f-ckers started to move! monica: groin maggots

  • groodilicious

    a combination of groovy and delicious used to describe positive scenarios. a: “yo man, i just got this shipment of psycho in!” b: “groodilicious, man, but, you gotta try out these party time mentats!”

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