grift (grft) slang
1. money made dishonestly, as in a swindle.
2. a swindle or confidence game.
v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts, grifter
to engage in swindling or cheating.
to obtain by swindling or cheating.
joe the gypsie spent most of his life grifting in pasadena
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to have a good time, hang out, go to the beach, mess things up, and just have a good time. any or all of the above and more
im enjoy grifting, its better than just hanging out. lets get grifted.
grifting, is a verb, which is derived from the root word “grift”

some other word -ssociations with “grift” is grifter.

the definition of grifting is the act of sticking ones p-n-s, up another males -n-s. whilst a 3rd party male is sh-tting inside the mouth of the one applying the -n-l penetration. the 4th member is getting a large big black c-ck stuffed into his mouth, whilst getting his -n-s rim jobbed by the person who is currently sh-tting on the other males body.

all in all

male #1 = getting his -ss f-cked, while shoving his giant black c-ck into male #4’s mouth.

male #2 = must be f-cking male #1, whilst getting his mouth sh-t in by male #3.

male #3 = sh-tting in male #2’s mouth, whilst also rim jobbing male #4.

male #4 = getting a giant black c-ck stuffed in his mouth by male #1, whilst male #3 is rimjobbing his -n-s.

a grifter is one whom performs acts mentioned above.

grifting is to be currently performing these acts.

grift = what you call a f-ggot who enjoys sh-t in their mouth, and black c-ck in their -ss.
“one day luit decided he would stick his p-n-s inside trick’s -n-s. soon their buddy null joined in and was sh-tting in luit’s mouth. a 4th member, named hex00010 decided to join in, and trick began to stuff his giant black schl-ng inside hex’s mouth. null then decided to join in on the rape and began rimjobbing hex.”

“man, luit, you are such a grift!”

“hey trick, do you want to come grifting with us later?”

“hi contra, i’d like you to join our cult, known as p0ision, so we can turn you into a grifter.”
horrible, not nice,
this kebab is grifting!

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