grip it, flip it, rip it

the act of masturbating into a fish tank while your lover removes hairs from your -sshole with a weedwhacker.
“man, i was with this chick, and all i wanted to do was grip it, flip it, rip it.

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  • Grizzly Challenge

    when someone puts an entire can of dip in during one time, most commonly grizzly dip. “brad just threw up after trying the grizzly challenge…what a p-ssy!”

  • Grobeds

    ugly creatures that hide under your bed and grow when dirty laundry is shoved under the bed and into their mouth. (n) the boogeyman, the sandman, “that monster under my bed” the grobeds ate my homework!

  • grok in the fullness

    to understand completely. to embody an i deal. from robert heinlein’s “stranger in a strange land”. take the fonz. he doesn’t just get women, he groks them in the fullness.

  • groomsbitches

    a female that will partic-p-te in the wedding of a h-m-s-xual couple, usually male, on the groom’s side of the wedding party. they are like groomsmen, but b-tches instead. h-m-s-xual male in a committed relationship: “i can’t wait to get married. i hope all my single ladies are prepared to be groomsb-tches.”

  • gross out

    also see grosse out. the act of brossing someone out through mental or physical imagry. to be grossed out by seeing somthing. dude that totally grossed me out 1: dya know what thats made of … its not really cow meat your eating, its rat. 2: stop trying to gross me out, im gonna finnish […]

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