someone who always smells like dirt
wow! he’s so grootofolee

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  • Gym Goggles

    similar to beer goggles but happens at a gym when an average woman looks hotter because she is in spandex. kristy wasn’t very hot, but when wearing spandex guys got gym goggles and thought she was a total milf.

  • habalooby

    a meaning with no exact meaning i just habaloobied on your bed. i will hit you with an habalooby. what the habalooby. habalooby!

  • Halloween snicker dick

    having a d-ck smaller than a fun sized snickers bar. juans girlfriend said he had a halloween snicker d-ck.

  • harshin my hype

    when an individual is bringing down the pumped up mood of a group or person person 1 – “hey, turn that music down” person 2 – “why you harshin my hype bro?”

  • Have a card up your sleeve

    – to have an advantage that other people do not know about. – you have a surprise plan or idea that you are keeping back until the time is right. 1- you still have a card up your sleeve, and it should solve all your problems.

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