the face
this spouse had the most nogwhip lookin’ grosm i’d ever mandated!

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  • hoohoo

    the pretty word for female genitalia, since all the other words are ugly omg what are these scabs all over my hoohoo the government approved definition of a woman’s reproductive area you don’t show your hoo hoo for all to see in public a little kid’s word for “v-g-n-, p-ssy, bajingo, love hole, etc.” mommy, […]

  • hoo ha wrinkles

    a crease, or commonly known as a wrinkle, located in the hoo ha, or commonly known as v-g-n-. these little fellows usually arrive after a woman, or man with a v-g-n- (-cough- old greg) grows to be older than 50. older women sometimes get old man saggy ball sacs stuck in their hoo ha wrinkles.

  • hoo-hopsicle

    a hoo-hopsicle occurs when a females genetalia is overcome with sudden coolness, and thus becomes frozen solid. it’s so cold out, i have a hoo-hopsicle!

  • just duck it

    a theory that when all other accesories fail, and there is nothing you can do about it, accesorise with duct tape! originated from the saying “just f-ck it” the term “just duck it” is currently used by an awesome duct tape company…

  • nutpsyched

    when a girl has a big cruch on a guy she is so nutpsyched on me.

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