Group Therapy

the act of brotherly bonding while under the influence of marijuana. group therapy may be accomplished under the influence of various other drugs, but, cocaine’s tendency to make you an insufferable pr-ck, meth-amphetamine’s tendency to make you a different variety, but still equally annoying, kind of pr-ck, and heroin’s general sh-ttiness make weed the drug of choice. during a group therapy session, it is common for parties to have stoned revelations, confessionals, or general break downs. like all stoned endeavors, group therapy should be accompanied with a liberal quant-ty of nutella, cheetos, and whatever the h-ll else you can find, so long as there is enough for everyone, lest your group therapy session turn into a p-ssing match over the cheetos.
etymology – the concept of a group bonding in a “therapy” session, however, typically this can be achieved without the aid of drugs. the basis for the use of this expression in the context of drugs however, stems from an alb-m cover for the alb-m “group therapy” by “dope”. connect the f-cking dots.
dude, do you like, dude, wanna come over for group therapy dude?
aw f-ck naw the last one was sh-t because you didn’t bring enough godd-mn nutella.
dude, this is like ironic!
a gathering of three or more lifetime friends.
i can barely hear you over the sobbing din of group therapy at the next table.
when me and my friends get drunk and smoke pot together. it’s a good stress reliever and works much better than cutting yourself or talking to some sh-tty therapist for an hour!
group therapy was so much fun last night! we drank a new type of wine and smoked some really good weed.

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