the act of watching p-rn in a group.
“i watched some wrestling fetish thing on youp-rn with the girls yesterday and i’m thinking about incorporating it into my next mixer”

“you mean you group-rned.”

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    when you stop walking and talking to your date, and give him/her a moony look, and shift your weight into one hip – striking a s-xy pose signifying that you want to kiss or just say, “now is the time for lovin’ baby.” prevalent on first dates. “how did your date go on sat-rday?” “well, […]

  • group orgy

    an orgy that involves more than one person mich-lle is a group orgy

  • Rasheeke Curse

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  • Take my talents down to South Beach

    a euphemism for masturbation man, just got back from a rough day at the office. i’m gonna take my talents down to south beach, then hit the sack.

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