a series of progressive anger, resulting in grring and different levels. there are five levels of grr-o-rama. 1 being kinda p-ssed at maybe a stupid math problem, and 5 resulting in the hurting of everyones genitals within 3 1/2 miles.
that guy is at, like, almost level 5 grr-o-rama. hide your genitals if you want children!

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  • Grumped

    to be innocently treated like p–p because someone is in a bad mood. (verb) similar to being “dumped” on with a grumpy flair. stop grumping on me, it’s not my fault natasha ate your waffle! being grumped on, is just not fair.

  • Grundel Grinder

    one who has s-x with the hair between the -n-s and the v-g-n- man ray, why you got to grundel grind my cousin busta?

  • GSBQ?

    acronym for “gay, straight, bi, or questioning?” used to ask for someone’s s-xual orientation. this can be asked to men or women. abcde12345 entered the room abcde12345: h-llo poiuy09876: hi abcde12345: gsbq? poiuy09876: str8, you? abcde12345: oh, i’m bi poiuy09876: cool


    smooth, slick and -ssertive. good looking s-xy man with attibutes worthy or your average horse. a ladies man. gary’s name should be g-smooth cuz he is sooo s-xy.


    get the f-ck out of here. let’s gtfooh. hey you gtfooh! get the f-ck out of here. insult when you want somebody to leave. a bad why to say please leave me alone. get the f-ck out of here cr-p! a barney fife bustin crustaceans. let’s gt-fooh! or axel: yeah. i was wondering how much […]

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