great rabid radioactive rubber moose; a webcartoon.
stevil, stop working on you’re stupid grrrm and do your homework!

-stevil’s mom

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  • grrlcrazy

    n.,the overindulgence in the whole “grrl-” prefixation. grrl-this, grrl-that, she’s really grrlcrazy.

  • grozzer

    to grozz means to spit, but grozzer however, is a general insult like r-t-rd, chozzer, etc. “i grozzed on my teacher” “you stupid grozzer”

  • rehollywooding

    term describing current trend in movie making where movie studios have run out of original ideas, so they are going back and remaking films (or turning tv shows/comic books/graphic novels into movies) already produced. oh my g-d, hollywood must be running out of ideas they are rehollywooding get smart.

  • religolitical

    combination of religion and political; pertains to moral/lifestyle/ethical issues debated on both religious and political grounds. the issue of gays in the military is an often debated religolitical subject.

  • renegadiel

    used to describe a action or decision which could be seen as against the norm, a maverick move or just a bit crazy. person 1: you know what, i don’t care that it’s 10am, i’m gonna get in a pitcher of carling for the football.. person 2: mate that’s absolutely renegadiel!

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