and awkward person with no life… usually wears gamer tees and has ratched hair.
wow look at that grummet over there!
the weirdest group of kids at a high school. often known as dork, weirdo, and the like. these kids are the kind that would have star wars lightsaber fights or pretend gun battles in the hallways and get in everyone’s way. grummets are the lowest caste of the high school social ladder. they wear gamer tees and are often covered in acne as a result of rare exposure to the outdoors. they socialize amongst themselves because they are rejected by the upper levels of the social ladder due to their awkward or weird demeanors. all grummets talk about is the latest development in their game of dungeons and dragons, minecraft, and other such activities. they are often immature, anti-social, and what most individuals would consider weird. they are in all aspects the polar opposite of a prep.
“oh man, this pack of grummets is a waste of oxygen”

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