Grungy Garcia

to perform this horrific act, one must have worked at least twelve hours of solid outdoor labor to induce an abortion like odor of swamp–ss. once this swamp–ss status has been achieved, one will take his female mate to a run down or abandoned mobile home, where all the sh-tters are full, and punish-f-ck the ever living bejesus out her. once the act has run its course, the fornicators will smear their diaper rashes together (the woman being an obvious swamp donkey) to create a putrid-like ammonia smell that stings the soul. once you’ve contemplated you’re own suicide, the process is complete.
leo: g-d d-mnit gabe!! what the f-ck is that smell?!

gabe: me and ryanne did a grungy garcia…

leo: no f-ck-ng sh-t sherlock!! i can smell that stench down the road!! you f-ck-ng filthy wookies need jesus!! and flush the f-ck-ng toilets you gutter sl-t!!!!

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