a unattractive person, time, or thing.
lupe is guack without her make- up
when someone is constantly nagging or yelling at you non-stop over the most little things and least worried and mattered problems in the world, yet they would constantly make a big deal out of it by nagging and yelling the living daylights out of you.
my mom is going to guack the h-ll out of me because i miss a millimeter spot on a plate when i was doing the dishes.

my wife kept guacking at me because i was half a second late home for dinner.
short for guacamole. currency. money. cash. referring to the green ink used on most u.s. currency bills.
you gonna need some guack to date that girl!
a guido that is being whack
can also be used like:
“yo man, stop bein guack”
“did you see that guacka over there?”
“stop guackin, yo”

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