a bad–ss mo fo that loves baseball and talks to strangers. very tall and has the best woman on the planet.
bernal: have you seen guel? he smells.

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  • Guelmi

    a f-cking god or a s-xy beast that has a dork (whale’s p-n-s) omg becky! david beckham is such a guelmi!

  • Graves Disease

    the syndrome that impairs one’s judgement and makes one lose sight of friends and caring about them or ever having any desire to hang out with them. graves has graves disease.

  • Emoticon Denouement

    when you’re having a conversation with someone online and it starts to get boring so it slowly drifts into replies of emoticons until neither party replies. omar: steve help! my convo with sarah is drifting into an emoticon denouement. steve: who the h-ll are you and why are you using my computer?

  • emotikkake

    8===>~~~~~~~~~~~ mike, you’re an (_-_)! 8===>~~~~~~~~~~~ (emotikkake)

  • Gravy Crater

    the pool of s-m-n that acc-mulates in one’s navel following a vigorous round of masturbation. conversely, the pool of s-m-n that acc-mulates in one’s partner’s navel following either pulling-out during intercourse or practicing the ‘on me not in me’ method of safer s-x/frottage/pregnancy prevention. as they lay next to each other, spent from their l-stful […]

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