drink something bad
don’t gugluck that!

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  • johnelys

    a person who would take your life away to make themselves happy. take all your friends and have you look like the bad person. also a back stabbing b-tch. also very sarcastic. johnelys cheated but yet i’m the one who cheated?

  • zack rudy

    when you really have to fart but you accidentally shart, zack rudy i was really g-ssy one day and was gonna let out a fart but accidentally let a zack rudy out instead.

  • corisa carlson

    one of the most perfect and greatest people on the planet, some sources have said “you get lost in her eyes” this refers to how beautiful she is and has the nicest eyes ever seen corisa carlson is the greatest person you could ever get a chance to meet

  • tyler gherkin fish

    a fatso who has diabetes and who’s mum is obese and stuck in the doorway. oh my gosh that kid is a really ugly tyler gherkin fish

  • saneeya

    dope -ss lady saneeya is a dope -ss lady

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