a handsome hunk of a man, who is gay
girl 1: look it´s gui
girl 2: i wanna touch him
guy: back off he is mine!!

mac os x tiger gui

windows xp gui
graphical user interface.

a visual display of files, programs, and program directories designed to make it easier for a person to use a computer.
microsoft windows has an easy-to use gui.
the way a dyslexic person would spell “guys”
person one: lol u guis crack me up!

jenny and sue: lmao! did he just say guis!?!?
the noise you make when something enters your -sshole
bill: gui, gui, gui, yea, shove that loaf of bread in my -sshole more steve
steve: ok bill. your turn.
bill: alrighty:
steve: gui gui gu- ouch! that really hurt bill
get up in , when seeing one of your friends creepin on a person you yell it as a code word as to not let the person whos getting creeped on know that you just told you friend to have s-x with that person
at the bar or at school “dam josh is really creepin on that chick, g.u.i. bro!! ”
the act of drinking a large amount of alcohol, and gobbling like a turkey.
jim drank a whole bottle of dack janiels and gobbled loudly and waddled around like a turkey for well over ten minutes. then soon after, a police officer tasered him, cuffed him, and took him into custody. he’s going to do six months community service for his g.u.i. that poor b-st-rd.
dutch for cool, awesome

(tof, gaaf, biekwauzend)
in dutch you would say:
‘die website is guis !’

means: ‘that website is awesome’
a graphical user interface. the addition of gui’s to most modern operating systems has revolutionised the populous’ ability access p-rnographic material, and contributed greatly to the happiness of the single geek/male population.
oh dude, this p-ssy looks so hot in hd, thanks to my gui!

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