the guiche is the bit betwixt your -sshole and your n-ts-ck. also know as the perenium in scientific circles
the cheeky bint tickled my guiche
the piece of skin that separates a man’s -n-s and t-st-cl-s.

it is becoming a popular area to get pierced.
“oh noes! steve ripped off his guiche by accident!”
a piercing, and/or the jewelry inserted into the piercing, in the area at the base of the b-llsack, forward of the -n-s
the diamond-studded guiche complemented the symmetry of his nipple piercings whenever he lifted his legs wide.
(noun) pr-nunciation (geesh – short “g”) the area between the scr-t-m and the -n-s (on a male, obviously). often mistakenly as geesh (pr-nunciation of “geesh” is “jeesh”). the guiche is sometimes pierced, usually front to back, but it has also been known to be pierced horizontally.
“i’m going to get my guiche pierced” (which is actually done!)
“he/she fondled my guiche while he/she sucked me”
the area between a mans t-st-cl-s and -sshole.
steven got his guiche pierced.
the bit between a man’s b-lls and his -rs–hole.
after excretion, wipe from front to back, in order to avoid soiling of the guiche.
a smelly, patch of dirty, hairy skin that is between the nut sack and the sh-t-hole.
my guiche got pierced with a dirty, rusty needle.

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