a f-ckboy. a guy that thinks he pulls h-lla b-tches and everyones b-tches… but he doesn’t pull any b-tches. he is alone forever.
yo you are such a gulshan.

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  • g on the g

    so serious that one has to emphasize the g in g sh-t in more context. you: “yo i just witnessed a robbery right across the street.” someone: “yo, g sh-t?” you: “bruh g on the g”

  • prohetto

    when you are like the calm in the storm, the voice of reason, the starched shirt person, the one who never uses “umm” and “likes”, the ultimate -n-lytical thinker, the encourager of many and then bam you bust out with malt liquor stories and boyz to men and the bomb diggidy schizzle frazizzle… you are […]

  • crepity

    a bitter , tough older gentleman. kevin sure is a crepity old sh-t tonight !

  • ngoh

    a grunt that miles edgeworth from ace attorney makes, usually when something catches him off guard or embarr-sses him. wendy oldbag: “oh edgey-poooo….~” miles edgeworth: “ngoh!”

  • tennoheika banzai

    this is actually j-panese for “for the emperor!” and basically your f-cking r-t-rded for searching this up, why would you waste your time, *prepares weapon* “tennoheika banzai!”

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