Gum Job

a girl who removes her false teeth before blowing you to due away with
any potential for teeth scr-page.
granny’s are the best.
when you get your c-ck sucked by someone without any teeth. through a gumjob, the person will attempt to munch on the head of the c-ck with their gums.
this person may have a)removed their teeth through dentures b)been a prost-tute that has sold his/her teeth for drug money on the black market c)been a crack wh-r- who has purposely chipped out his/her teeth in order to give a gumjob because it gives them pleasure.
“this mah-f-ckin’ crack wh-r- gave me the best gumjob ever. that toothless b-tch gnawed on my c-ck for hours!”
when a girl takes out her dentures to give head
my girl gives a good gum job
a repair done with nothing but a wad of chewing gum or bubble gum
a- oh, no! i broke my mother’s priceless ming vase! she’s gonna kill me!
b- -spits out a big blob of trident- make way, for i must perform a gumjob.
-fixes vase while a watches, dumbfounded-
a- wow, that was awesome! she’ll never be able to tell i broke it! thanks!
b-don’t thank me, thank the gumjob…
to get a bl-w j-b by someone who no longer has teeth, thus gnawing on you’re w-nker with his or her gums.
1. d-mn n-gg-, yo grandma spit out her false teeth and gave me a muh’f-ckin gumjob!

2. d-mn shasta, i was changin yo baby’s diaper and i just maneuverd my thang into its teeny lil mouth and it sucked ma dilly like a pacifier!

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