Gumball Machine

a s-x thing in which you put your b-lls in her b-tt, then put a quarter in her slot, then she pops out the b-lls.
my chick pushed to hard when i was gumballing her and she took a dump.

i j-zzed when i gumballed my girl.

gumball machine is my favorite s-x thing to do.
when you are using -n-l beads on a girl and you cut the string.
after a little snip snip she totally had to do the gum ball machine!
when one person bites the other partners right t-st-cl- off and as they swallow are repeatedly hit in the throat as a quarter is inserted past their ovaries. they immediately sh-t the t-st-cl- out at 700 feet per second penetrating a recently dug up dead guys r-ct-m.
example 1

guy 1,”nah dog i’m tired from that gum ball machine laura gave me last night, i don’t wanna do sh-t.”

example 2


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