being hurt in the behind, normally while running.
“i was paintballing the other day and as i was changing positions i was gumped”
to be under the influence of marijuanna.
i was so gumped last night i ate four hot pockets, a package of bagel bites, and two double cheese burgers.
a photograph that has been altered, usually by the insertion of persons or objects not present in the original. by -n-logy, similar alterations applied to other media. “gumped” is derived from the movie “forrest gump” which featured historical footage into which the t-tle character was digitally inserted.
that gumped photo of w. huffing nitrous oxide was a gas.
social rejection, cast away due to lack of coolness
hank’s rep is gumped because he hangs out with tom, and tom is a nerdy dipstich.

“i just got gumped by a buncha peens”
person who’s mother smoked too much weed or drank too much homade liquor while he was in the womb, and the person ended up born a complete moron like the t-tle character in forrest gump. an insult used against someone.
guy : man, there’s something seriously wrong with that boy.
girl: leave him alone his mother smoked tons of weed while he was on the way. it’s not his fault he’s gumped
having borrowed someone’s lighter and then forgotten to return it.
last time i let suzie use my lighter she gumped it.
to be shot in the -ss.
derived from the movie forrest gump.
where forrest gets shot in the -ss.
when we was playing paint ball.
i gumped his -ss.
to horribly mess up a situation through blatant idiocy
hahaha, you gumped the h-ll out that man.

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