a more modest subst-tute for the word ‘f-ck’; can be used in all phrases where ‘f-ck’ is appropriate
oh gumplefick i failed that exam!

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  • Boa Tarde

    portuguese greeting for good afternoon. boa tarde pessoal! good afternoon everyone!

  • Texting company

    when your alone and bored so you text someone for some company. they are called “texting company”. texting company: jack: how r u jil? jill: m gud, r u txtin me caus yr aftr txtn company? jack: yeah, im all alone n sad :'( jill: leave me alone you weirdo

  • Boob fart

    when a female and male rub together in the nude and a suction occurs, causing a farting noise. “dude, last night, i was getting all hot and heavy with that girl sophie and her b–bs totally farted” “no way, gross” “naw, man. the b–b fart was hot” the sound made during intercourse, in which air […]

  • Gump-limp

    when you have too many boxes of chocolates and you walk with a limp because you have diabetes “do you have any insulin? i need to pump.” “i can tell, you got that gump-limp.”

  • Anal Elephant

    inserting a head of cabbage into one’s r-ct-m, once said cabbage is inserted, an elephant is forced to eat fore-mentioned cabbage. hey did you hear what happened to bob? no, why? he’s in the hospital, apparently he had one h-ll of an -n-l elephant.

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