Gun Grabber

usually a loony left-wing nut, aka dumbocrat, who mistakenly believes that the removal of lawfully owned guns will also remove them from crminal hands.
despite the proven fact that banning of narcotics and firearms did not reduce their possesion amongst the criminals, hitlery and the gun grabbers want to procede with more facist gun control schemes.
usually someone from new york city, california, m-ssachusetts or a gated community that believes you should call the police when being -ssaulted or burglarized. they ignore that the police have no obligation to answer your call, will likely just drive by and even if they do it could be too late. also police with the best of intentions could be an hour in many locations. any the perpetrators will likely be back since your home/business is a safe target and had zero protection. many of the new moderate gun grabbers actually claim only handguns are the problem. these politicians say they will not take long guns, being shotguns and rifles used by sportsmen. this ignorant response does not recognize that many people like to sport with handguns and most sportsmen own handguns as well. worse of all it ignores most handguns are owned by law abiding citizens protecting themselves as guaranteed by the second amendment of the const-tution. banning handguns would eventually lead to hacksaw sells going up. the dumbest of criminals could make a handgun from rifle or shotgun in about 5 minutes.
chris matthews on msnbc often goes off on people living in the south, western states and mid-west. he stated that for some crazy reason they think they need a gun. he said rudy giuliani and the people of new york city get it, people should not have guns. him and rudy are a couple of gun grabbers.

people were doing four home invasions a week in my town of 20,000 for a couple of month. the police were useless. then someone shot a guy kicking in their front door. no more home invasions. that’s a good enough argument for me against gun grabbers.
eric holder, attorney general under the unconst-tutional obama administration.
that gun grabber eric holder is at it again. maybe he’ll come to my house when there’s a break in.
a negro person who commits lots of crimes with guns.
that n-gg- is a gungrabber!
firearm retention device, designed to increase safety of a loaded firearm during hunting, or for secure storage of a firearm in a vehicle or home.
hey, nice gun grabber you have in your truck!
a fringe gunnut term for anyone that doesn’t conform to fringe 2nd amendment views/positions on the 2nd amendment interpretation. often used to smear americans that support anything from strong gun safety rules/policies like background checks to common sense gun control.

-gun grabber is a dualism type of argument which invokes the idea that you are either agree with their hard line conservative views on 2nd amendment rights or you are after their guns.
the debate on 2nd amendment interpretation was interrupted when a gun owner accused people that didn’t agree with him as being part of the gun grabber crowd.

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