this weapon, no no this legend, is not for the feign of heart, it is a sad tale of one king, a king who loved his people, and his kingdom. it all starts with the siege of gunboatia, home to the fair king sagerz, this day will forever be known as the year of the sad sentry, when the evil lord shotguna of shotgunia broke the treaty between the two kingdoms, and invaded gunboatian territory, fearing for his people sagerz sent out for the best of his soldiers had to offer and one man came forth, his name sergeant barry, the lead officer for the solli strat battalion 104th roamer divition. he and his rag tag team of soldiers along with sagerz and a united people will stand fast before the tide of war, so what are gunboats you ask? hope that is what they are, hope that change will always be available for anyone
gunboats is love
exceptionally large feet.
a:”dude what size shoe is that?”
a:”yea, sounds about right, you got f-ckin gunboats down there.”
b:”you should see my c-ck.”
a notably big, wide -ss.
jamison, “dude you gonna ask harmony out this summer?”
nuñez, “she used to be fine, but sh-t no! you see the size of her gunboat?
very muscular and slightly fatty man arms.
i got some gunboats on me dog.
well-formed female br–sts.
“she has a nice set of gunboats”.

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