a girl version of a broski
w-ssup gurlski

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  • Culo del Diablo

    culo del diablo is a mexican way of saying its very far. tu casa esta hasta el culo del diablo!!!/your house is f-cking far!!! tu casa esta hasta el culo del diablo!!!/your house is f-cking far!!!

  • Caterize

    v. the act of replacing something ordinary with cats and/or lol cat language. let’s caterize wisest wizard. it will be much more fun that way!

  • Cannibalucination

    a hallucination in which another person’s head becomes a chunk of meat. “i hate the period before lunch. i always have cannibalucinations of the pudgy girl in front of me.”

  • canoe-maker

    a forensic pathologist who performs autopsies. after the organs are removed from the thoracic and abdominal cavities, what’s left somewhat resembles a canoe. “gertrude, whose heretofore delicate beauty had ceased to continue living a few hours prior to the arrival of inspector lee xiong ‘rusty’ fong, lay peacefully now among the daffodils and b-tterflies — […]

  • raceologist

    (noun) a field of anthropology that provides social commentary on ethnicities/races. raceopologists are not racist, but rather commentators of race. 1: “don’t you think that it is interesting white people try to come up with trendy baby names that are a spin on current words, and black people come up with totally creative/odd new words?” […]

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