when you have no clue what word to look up on urban dictionary and you type in random letters hoping a definition like this will show up
gurohieuehfyha actually has a definition!

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  • madison beck

    nice, smart, caring, weird, can be very odd… digressing is her p-ssion…. overall a amazing person!! sher nice and easy to make laugh, yup shes got to be a madison beck!

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    1. to go big, but especially to go huge. 2. to be successful or be a success. 3. to exceed the mainstream expectation. 4. an elite form of “git r’ done”. 5. a form of domination i pumped like trump on my test, and i aced it. when i pump like trump, i win every […]

  • rummfled

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    when someone’s emotions are at outburst and they get into a brawl. johnny was in outbrawl towards his peers because they would not play with him.

  • ethan long

    another word for a fat peice of sh-t. wow! i just did a big ethan long!

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