a female so porpoise you can f-ck her gut.
check that b-tch’s stomach, what a gutsl-t.

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  • alls*xual

    when you act really g-y and do some g-y things but you’re actually straight. it can also be if you are straight but you do some lesbian stuff or act lesbian. i’m not g-y alls-xual. 😉

  • stark*lla

    a bloke with a small d-ck who thinks he is a ladies man with a huge pakage starkilla has failed once again .starkilla threw a sausage down a hall way

  • nut jar

    young, troubled man with a tendency to complain. some might say his rugged good looks and charisma are the driving force to his success in life, on the contrary others might say he is a useless, annoying sack of sh-t with no friends. what a nut jar.

  • y jack

    two girls next to each other performing a spread eagle and being simultaneously fingered yo did you hear john got them to y-jack!

  • granny b*mper

    that sh-t justin bangs. qualifications include being black, drunk, and probably blind. justin is a granny b-mper

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