something that is very gangster
yo that kid is gutta.
means really gangsta

also short for gutter
yo man, those n-gg-z is gutta fo’ sho’
ghetto or hood or gangsta
look at his shoes!!!!, them sh-ts is so gutta
1. a slang word meaning, “ghetto” or “hood”

2. ace hood’s rap alb-m released in 2008
1. he’s straight out the gutta

2. i am listening to ace hood’s new alb-m gutta.
some on who has grown up in da ghetto and has grown to become a real goon,thug,gangsta
man 1-cris from da 84 street projects and was broke

man 2-now he gone gutta p-ssed so he put in dat work and is robbin suckaz for money

man 1-oh sh-t here he come!
str8^ gangsta. too gangsta for most gangstas to handle.

jay-z’s lyrics are gutta for real.
ice all up in da grill is so fresh, so clean and so gutta.

thems _____ is so gutta.

fupas are not gutta, they nasty!
hood or gangsta
e.a.r.z…he is so gutta

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