Gutter butt

a big nasty, most likely a desperate tramp. most usually found in government housing projects. also found at most clinics
dude 1: ayyy yooo, you remember that girl i met in the nati last night?

dude 2: fo sho mayne, that trick was such a gutter b-tt!
popularized by new york in the show “flavor of love”
when discribing one of the contestants nibblez

meaning trashey girl, cl-ssless hoe,dirty, hoeish, nastey, mostlikeley conatines std or some type of v-g-n-l infection
new york:”flave, nibblez….shes a gutter b-tt”

flave: “woooord?!?!?!”

new york: “word…….new york is in tha m-th- f-ckin house!!!!!”
an uncontrollable and explosive liquid fecal event. usually, accompanied by a lingering and telltale stench.
tony: what the h-ll is that stench?

chuck: i had five cans of chili and 12 beers last night. now, i have gutterb-tt.

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