capital of state of -ssam under the indian union. 252 sq km in size and is bigger than any indians living outside northeast would imagine. only medium sized city in the northeast india. fifth fastest growing city in india also comes in top consumer market cities in india. and a really good skyline to see.
the city is beautifully located in the banks of brahmaputra and hills of meghalaya on another side. connected by guwahati rly station ( nf railway division hq ). lgb international airport and east west corridor nh way p-ssing through it.

people of guwahati are little rude or rather short tempered. outsiders may find the place unfriendly. and yes guwahati is not cheap, property rates are highest in east india. goods and taxes are also high. guwahati has as much vehicles than the whole northeast put together.

the good side is guwahati is a very sp-cious place every household necessarily has a lawn.
people of guwahati are not all busy but have enough money to shop. the youths are totally westernized and some easternized too. rich to poor gap is very less and city boasts an average income level for all. everyone wears low waist jeans and yes guwahatians are brand specific rich and poor all go by brands.

shopping malls , upscale townships, pubs ( 150 ), bars in every corner.
hey , lets move to guwahati.

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