get up with me. used for user names most of the time.
rihanna,” hey hey, what did you mean by guwm?” beyonce,” get up with me duh cause i’m queen.”

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  • crazy carpet

    when a girl from quebec city goes the whole winter without taming her pubic hair. in spring she shaves it off and sews a carpet that she uses to go sledding the following winter…. maxie’s crazy carpet ride was a hit down the slopes.

  • medlay

    a swimming event in which a team must swim all four strokes between them; a blend of medley and relay. the coach has picket me for the medlay, but i have to swim backstroke.

  • glock box

    where one keeps the glock that’s in their ‘rari can you get my glock out of the glock box for me? it’s to your right.

  • sweaty cunt

    a p-ssy gushing with sweat after either masturbating or performing the human art of ‘f-cking’ lucy: d-mn ben i’m a sweaty c-nt right now! ben:have you been masturbating?

  • bakathunder

    bakathunder is a discord n-gg- that loves watching his d-mn anime p-rn. he always b tryn to get buddies with, and even plays games. bakathunders been watching that stuff for 10 hours now dayyyum a baka that shoots thunder when someone calls him/her a baka. ex: hey bakathunder, hit me with your lightning bby.

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