girl with a bipple and crazy -ss friend susan
you are definitely a gwabacafs. go get some help.

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  • spinguine

    a cross between spaghetti and linguine. thinner than spaghetti but not so thin as linguine. i just had a very tasty spinguine bolognese for lunch; now i’m going to get a frappuccino to round things off.

  • spinkting

    the act of looking at another’s -ss. it’s easy to be caught spinkting, and it’s hard not to spinkt while walking up and down the stairs with someone in front of you. it’s prefectly all right to spinkt. phil-‘ i’m so sorry.’ jannet-‘ what?’ phil-‘ i’m was spinkting.’ jannet-‘what the f-ck is spinkting, you crazy […]

  • futanari

    someone(usually in a doujinshi, but occasionally in normal fanfics or hentai), who appears to be female, but for some reason has male genatalia. used by people who can’t draw/write yuri i looked so hard for an angewomon/hikari lemon, but when i finally found it angewomon was a futanari 🙁 4 more definitions fu-ta-nari: formally a […]

  • geoff jeans

    a pair of jeans usually only worn around the house. they tend to be cheap, ugly and/or old and are seldom worn in public places. let me shower and change out of my geoff jeans, and i can meet up in about an hour.

  • gl*ss elevator

    a sandy or rough-rider handjob, where one’s member winds up quite abraised. brian regretted hooking up with margie at the beach; as the ole’ gl-ss elevator left him incapacitated when he went to bang a stripper the next day.

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