some autistic
d-mn, he’s so gwanty

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  • white girl magic

    a term to oppose the annoying and ignorant term ‘black girl magic’. see ‘black girl magic’ definition and replace ‘black’ with your ethnicity, because we’re all magical and beautiful women. “jenni has that latina girl magic, look at her slaying!” “kayla is doing big things, she’s got that white girl magic!” “tia is killed it […]

  • luhman

    a s-ssy -ss girl that will not put up with bullsh-t but lives to dance. dont mess whith luhman

  • decante

    when you bang a hot girl and you tell your friends about it and want to play it kind of low key. nah, she wasn’t that hot…she was just decante. (has spanish origins but is a perversion of the real thing, decente, supposed to be pr-nounced with a really obnoxious southern accent)

  • heitkamp

    a stupid f-cking hippie that is probably stoned right now. you can find him watching rug rats and smoking a bowl. not into three ways but will suck his own d-ck. what a douche. i want to heitkamp all over her chest.

  • half flex

    half flex is when you or someone else does something flashy but it’s half–ssed or cheated in some way. tom:did you see brads new car? joe: yeah i saw that half flex machine, his parents bought the car and he just bought the rims .

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