something to say to your friends becuase they dont know what it means
guy 1: gweamo
guy 2: wtf are you talking about

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  • gym monkey

    a person who spends all there time in the gym rather than going out. what a gym monkey.

  • Gymsperation

    when you see someone at the gym so hot , they make you wanna work out harder so they’re checking ypu out! there was some amazing gymsperation next to me today i ran a whole extra mile on the tred!

  • Gypsy Clit

    a nomadic cl-torus. never in the same place 2 nights running charlene lives a caravan (therefore, a gypsy)

  • Gabing

    the act of constantly being on social media and/or posting excessively often. john was gabing last night, when he was on his cell updating his status all night. being physically inept; out of shape. fat–ss guy one: wow, john couldn’t even finish the lap. guy two: yeah, he was gabing it pretty bad. 1. addressing […]

  • Gantt

    (verb) to procrastinate by over-planning the course of action. n. a person who procrastinates by planning too much and never starting anything. derived from the over reliance of gantt charts by project managers, popularised by its ease of use on computers over networks in the late 1990s. “i spent so much time gantting, she lost […]

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