troll abbreviation for get well soon

commonly quoted amongst tso members.
rip david plonker

charlie: get well soon champ.

marcus: he’s not sick he’s dead.

charlie: poor guy. i hope he gets well soon.

marcus: he’s dead

gws marcus
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trolling abbreviation for get well soon
“r.i.p david plonker”

charlie: get well soon champ

marcus: the man is dead not sick

charlie: poor guy. i hope he gets well soon

marcus: he’s dead!

gws marcus.
internet/bbcode equivalent of “get well soon”.
aww, daniel is under the weather. gws! :flowers:
goes without saying
guy1: that oven is hot!
guy2: gws

guy1: you down to play kickball?
guy2: gws
acronym for “google would say”….usually expressed on internet forums to people who dont bother searching before they ask a question
gws the song your looking for is “uptown girl” by billy joel

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