it means give your man a hug
dad- gymah
you- sure

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  • contact cringe

    the automatic biological response to cringe away from any sort of human contact. prominently found in the introvert strand of the h-m- sapien species. “dude it was just a pat on the back, what’s with the contact cringe?”

  • field v*g*n*

    the act of a girl laying spread eagle naked on field using the musk of her dirty v-g-n- to lure a ground squirrel to eat her out and reach moist s-xual pleasure while in wisconsin this field v-g-n- isn’t gonna get me far

  • pump my own d*ck

    another version of toot my own horn. to boast or brag about oneself. i’m not trying to pump my own d-ck here but caught 3 touchdowns last week.

  • matthews mom

    sh-tty guy with a hot mom hey did you see that mom, shes quite the matthews mom

  • crod m*ffin

    when a girl sits on a boys face thandi crod m-ffined lewis when a girl sits on a fat boys face thandi crod m-ffined lewis

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