it’s a little bit of everything
don’t mess with her she has the gynoherpasyphilachlamydiaids

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  • gooseb*mperish

    it’s when someone is about to do something to you that causes gooseb-mps so before that happens you can say please don’t that is very gooseb-mperish no you can’t bite my ear that’s very gooseb-mperish

  • fake finish

    a fake finish is when your partner is aroused enough to want to engage in s-xual activity with you, but can’t carry out with -j-c-l-t–n in the end. dude, jessica and i were banging last night and i couldn’t finish…. so i fake finished

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    having eyelashes that are luscious or overwhelmingly gorgeous in amber scholl’s video on diy eyeylash extensions, she created a new way of describing the final result of them at 2:47-3:00 and said that urban dictonary should add the word. #lashlicious amber scholl: after a few minutes (of adding eyelash extensions to your real eyelashes) you […]

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    when someone is just a freak or they are buggin on something and can’t seem to snap out of it. you’re suck a nekk you can’t get away from your computer for even a second to go pee. jerome jerome) your a nekk

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