a great greek sandwich-like food, including strips of lamb, garlic and a cuc-mber sauce… actually pr-nounced “ye-row”
“i’d like a gyro, please”
“comin right up”
in relation to the popular term made famous by les dawson, get your rat out.

this acronym was created by a group of young northern fellows in order to politley ask a lady to get ones rat out.

caution is to be used when using this term, especially outside of the post office on a particular weekday morning.
(lady walking past) g.y.r.o!!
b-lls in the -ss, sandwich in the p-ssy.
“oh i totally gyro’d my girl last night. there was deli meat everywhere.”
a check from the government which pays you for not being employed
in trainspotting spud has to “f-ck up good and proper” when he has a job interview. “or the dhhs will catch on – this c-nt’s not tryin’ – and your gyro’s f-cking finished”
a sloppy greek v-g-n-. -n-logous to an american roast beef sandwich.
i completely destroyed fountas’ gyro last night right after trimble loaded it up with tzatziki.
gyro, short for “get your rat out!”
(rat being a slang term for a woman’s v-g-n-.)
guy 1: f-cking gyro (pr-nounced jiy-row)
woman 1: ewww no i aint showing you sh-t! you dirty b-st-rd.
pr-nounced- jairos

is a sandwich of lamb meat which starts many argunments over pr-nounciation.

r-t-rds refer this word as yeros…yes are r-t-rds
the educated refer to this word as jairos
these gyros are delicious, i really wish i can stop farting.
seriously people in greek call it yeros. are we in greek.

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