a female smiley with a bang.
look its a female smiley with a bang.

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  • A Tie

    stupidest f-cking thing to get your father on father’s day end of story what did i get on fathers day? oh i just got a f-cking tie btw i’m not a father, i just think that just giving your father a tie, is like telling your father that all he does is work. why not […]

  • Japlish

    badly and often hilariously translated text, usually j-panese in origin (but not exclusively), usually seen on grey import electronic goods. not to be confused with “engrish” which is poorly constructed english using j-panese linguistics. “to avoid the erase of recording, please to break the tab in corer of tape is desirable” a hybrid grammar introducing […]

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    a j-panese alien (pr-nounced ja-pay-leon) j-pliens are going to take over the world!!!

  • physical

    1. to beat some one up (verb). 2. a procedure in which a doctor examines your whole body, including your weewee. no example. when you have a physical relationship with someone. you aren’t friends with benefits but you’re not boyfriend/girlfriend. if you were to hang out with them you wouldnt be able to keep it […]

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    outlaw. current literature indicates that desperado is derived from the spanish term desesperado which means a person with no hope. the term comes from esperanza which means hope. adding “des” to the front makes it an antonym. changing the ending “anza” to “ado” makes it an adjective and desesperado means a person with no hope. […]

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