hot asian chick
g-ddam that ice skater is a hac
hidden agenda c-nt

a person who regularly does things on the sly in an attempt to protect or shield their activities or actions from others. usually applies to people who flirt with the opposite s-x under the radar.
“hey man did you see scotty tuning dazza’s missus the other night?”

“yeah, he was being real sly about it… that bloke is such a hac”
hot asian chick
i’m going out with this h.a.c. tonight
abbreviation – hidden agenda cuddles.
usually used when you are trying to gain something from a parent or significant other, or when you are trying to persuade them to let you do something.
my mom said i wasn’t allowed to go to the concert last week, but a week of h.a.c.’s and i finally persuaded her
also known as hate authority crew or hustlers ambition crew
a local graffiti crew in boulder,co
they are some of the best in boulder county
hey man i saw h.a.c. paint at the big wall man they are good
h-rny as cr-p, use in the presence of females to not put them off
joe: hey how you feeling dave?

dave: im doing okay, but lately since i havent been with a woman i have been hac like a m-f-.
hughes aircraft company marina del rey in california
isa going to hac get’s me a hughey chopper, do a flyby watts-tower yo doggs just kickin it in la….

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