hack job

similar to dumb d-ck or jerry, but far more intense. a hackjob is someone who is unable to lock it up, failing at life, or suffering from a severe case of the dumb.
girl: rusty just fell off the chairlift.
boi: what a hackjob. lock it up, rusty.
1. a procedure or operation performed by someone with inadequate skill or knowlege of the subject.

2. something done shoddily or ineptly.

3. a crude and improvised or temporary solution to a problem, designed to be more functional and timely than precise, durable or of good quality.

4. something done with little forethought, organization, planning or precision.

5. a useless, inept or sloppy person.
1. “i had no f-cking idea what i was doing; it was a total hack job.”

2. “i told my brother to clean the bathroom, but it still looks like h-ll. man, he did such a hack job.”

3. “i got the radiator working for now, but it won’t last long; it’s just a hack job.”

4. “your paper sucks, man, you can tell it’s just a hack job.”

5. “joel’s such a f-cking hack job; he couldn’t even get his sh-t together in time for the party.”
the work done by confederate diesel.
that turbo kit by confederate diesel looks like a complete hack job.
an inside hit to disrupt or undermine someone or something .
it was an inside hack job that brought her down.

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