someone who is a elite hacker, usually around level 27, who can, like, totally f-ck with the system. this man is talented, probably lives at home with his mom, and is really really good at wow.

how does one become a hacksaur?
simply devote you life to computers and all things technological. it is the only way, i mean, one does not simply walk in to mordor, just as one does not simply transform in to a hacksaur.

hacksaur derrives from a wow character, but you knew that already, didn’t you- you hacksaur apprentice.
fact: looking it up on urban dictionary is the first step of becoming one.
jane: i’m sitting in my f-cking library trying to play f-cking tetris and websense- the root of all evil wont let me.
random kid with acne and gl-sses: let me see you mac.
-sneezes on it, hands it back”-
here you go, not only does it do tetris now, it also flys.

the whole library in unison: thank you hacksaur!

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