a euphemism used to describe a kid who is an attention demanding jerk and allowed to behave badly wherever she goes. she wields control the over family while her parents do nothing to discourage it, in fact they may beam with pride over the behavior and even find it adorable. (see also: feisty, sparkplug, firecracker, pistol)
my 10-year old is such a feisty little firecracker, isn’t she? she’s the baby of the family and can be a real handful.
rough unit of measurement for the female breast. often utilized when proposing the cutoff point at which larger br–sts should no longer be considered more desirable than smaller ones – the ideal between too small and too large. there are three main schools of thought: that more than a handful (an apple) is a waste, that more than two handfuls (a cantaloupe) is a waste, or that more than three handfuls (a melon) is a waste.
-more than a handful is a waste. any bigger, and they’re less perky, and get saggy with age.
-nah, too small. the best t-ts have you c-mming buckets when you f-ck them, but aren’t so big that they’re much longer than they are wide. two handfuls is perfect.
-if i can’t completely smother my d-ck between a pair of t-ts, they’re too small. three handfuls is best.
more than eight (8) of any objects, picked up in a hand.
dave: goddammit, i said a handful of marshmallows, not 8!!
the number five on a scorecard
“what’d you get on that last hole?”
“a handful”
the swift grabbing of another boy’s pectoral muscle, the male t-tty. not necessarily confined to men, but its more funny that way. can be used in multiple contexts
“dude, gimme a handful!”
“no, get offffffff me!”

“lets go handfulling tonight!”

“i handful–ssaulted that dude in cl-ss today”
used to describe t-st-cl-s of quite decent size.
sarah: so, are his big, small, what? like, golf ball sized, or ping pong b-lls?

jane: i don’t know about all that, but they’re a good handful.

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