an out of line polish soldier. a non conformist. a rebel without a cause. an aggresive athlete. slang streetname for meth.
those b-mbling idiots play like a bunch of hanyak’s. that f-ck-ng hanyak drives like a maniac. don’t mess with them, the’re a bunch of hanyak’s.

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  • nimalan

    to be rubbish at everything you try and be a blight on everyone around you. atypically said in the western suburbs of sydney to describe virtually anything of little use to society. “hey bro, if your life ambition is to watch the sun for entire day, then you must be one dumb-ss or nimalan”

  • headable

    a girl who u would not f-ck but u would definetly let them suck ur d-ck she aint that hot but shes headable

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    to swindle by some sort of agile manuever your wallet just got nimbled. why don’t you go nimble your mitts elsewhere. adj. meaning agile. nimble people are often thin and frail. piano players are nimble, weak and frail. they would be no longer nimble if their fingers were cut off, so perhaps being nimble isnt […]

  • nimbund

    name used for mother my nimbund wants me to clean my room

  • shuffling pancakes

    the sound a fat person makes when they fart. my friend farted and i asked, “who’s shuffling pancakes?”

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