hard copy

a printed-on-paper version of what you see on a computer screen, used mostly in a business sense, such as with spreadsheets, forms, or invoices.
a variation on the radio term “copy”. indicates an emphatic agreement with or clear understanding of a received message. most frequently used by members of the military, fire, or police departments.

“engine 249, 256, respond to 134 blake street for a reported structure fire”

“hard copy dispatch, engine 249 responding”
if a soft copy is something held on a digital medium such as a word doc-ment then a hard copy is the print out of this.
i’m making a hard copy of this e-mail because i want to take it home.
a paper copy of a doc-ment, as opposed to one stored on a computer
1. to show someone you for real and aint a b-tch.
2. to beat the sh-t out of some one.
a. if dat n-gg- keep on f-cking around he gonna catch me on hard copy for real
b. you see da fight last night son got hard copied
paper print up of an electronic doc-ment
print me up the hard copy, pr-nto!
a doc-ment you can hold in your hands as opposed to one being saved on the computer.
the teacher wouldn’t except work emailed to her. she wanted a hard copy.

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