basically, when a person is having a b-n-r.
oooo, hardship!

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  • chronic mortality

    the disease that causes the eventual death of most living organisms. i have chronic mortality, it will cause my death in 666 years.

  • lashanti

    is a lady who can be s-xy and s-xual when with the one. she has a great body and is very loving. me: when i find the one she’ll be s-xy and the best thing you have ever seen friend: you mean a lashanti i have one

  • pixxispad

    when a man gets a b-n-r whilst swimming hot girl in a bikini walks by … tom gets a pixxispad talla qas il pixxkerija ma ssib bhalu

  • psychological pipe

    when someone mentally overpowers you in conversation trying to get to the bottom of your psyche and drunken you realizes their mind f-ck, reversing their psychology you bring the conversation back to your realm. thereby, acquiring the ability to say put that in your psychological pipe. “put that in your psychological pipe and smoke it!”

  • tweekanesia

    being so spun on crystal meth that you constantly keep forgetting the one thing that needs to be accomplished i think jamie forgot to pick me up, she’s definitely suffering from tweekanesia

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