the greatest place in westchester county to live in. nowhere near as stuck up as the disgustingly wealthy areas of scarsdale, larchmont, and bronxville, yet no hard-core ghetto areas such as south yonkers, mount vernon, or elmsford. people from hartsdale are generally upper middle cl-ss, hardworking people who are trying to raise families and provide a better life for their kids without spoiling them rotten. public schools are slightly better than average, which means that this area will never be infested with the kind of parents that buy their drug addict kids bmws on their 16th birthday and look down their noses at any school district that is not considered “the best.”
adult number 1: “that young man is so well-grounded, well-behaved, hard-working, and polite.”

adult number 2: “he must be from hartsdale.”

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