describes when someone on twitter over-uses hashtag’s in their tweets.

a person would use it to inform some-one else that they have used too many hashtags in a tweet.

hashslags are often new to twitter, just having moved from facebook, and get over excited easily by the fact that they can now hashtag.
-on twitter-

person 1: #meganfox is a #s-xy #beast

person 2: dude, what’s with all the hash-tagging?

person 1: #calmdown it’s #twitter man! #becool #chillax

person 2: -cough- hashslag

person 1: ¬_¬

person 2: …
a person who uses excessive amounts of hashtags on their instagram/twitter posts. these hashtags include but are not limited to writing each element of a sentence with a hashtag in front of it. hashslags frequently commit this atrocity to receive as many followers/likes/retweets/loves as possible from other social networkers.
“pic of me in the toilets of a club with ma friend” #me #in #the #toilets #girl #eyes #b–bs #legs #heels #friend #love #club #nightout #nightclub #happy #pink #selfie #yolo #hehehe #.

-you use too many hashtags. #hashslag
someone who uses excessive hashtags for “likes” or to obtain followers on social media.
she posts like fifty pics a day. she’s such a hashslag, it’s pathetic.

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