hate on

v. to be jealous of another’s success or talent. note that the person being hated on must posess these qualties; thus it is not possible to hate on ja rule,hilary duff, or paris hilton, for example.
ya’ll know me still the same ol’ g
but i been low key
hated on by most these n-gg-s
wit no cheese, no deals and no g’s, no wheels and no keys
no boats, no snowmobiles and no skis
mad at me cause
i can finally afford to provide my family wit groceries.
to insult or verbally attack someone. originally implied jelousy, now also used for more generally applied abuse.
see also dis, slam
n. then v. based on the model of the noun “hard on”, a hate on is an active hatred for someone or something that causes a visible physical reaction in a similar fashion that an erection would be a tell-tale sign of affection. despite its origin, it is rarely used in a s-xual context. it is male juvenile slang in the sense that it links, even indirectly, an emotion (hatred, jealousy, envy) to the male teenage obsession with the p-n-s.
(noun) john has a hate on for all republicans in congress.

(verb) please don’t hate on me for being beautiful.
the hate version of a hard-on
ever since i stole his girl, he’s had a hate-on for me….
when it feels good to be p-ssed off, because you’re on a self-righteous rant or because you’re totally in the right and the other person is an utter nutjob.
hate is a strong word, but i have a hate-on for vic because of how he coded this intranet.
hating something so much it gives you a bonner.
guy 1- man that guy is a douche
guy 2- then why do you have a bonner
guy 1- dont worry its a hate-on
what happens when you loath someone of the opposite and/or same s-x to such an extent that the emotion seems to invert upon itself, leaving you finding yourself frustratingly attracted to the said person.
exp 1:

person 1: so i kinda ended up sleeping with (insert name) last night…..

person 2: what!? i thought you hated him/her!

person 1: i know, so did i! i hate his/her utter being….but he/she gives me such a hate-on….

exp 2:

person 1: your such a epically huge c-ck–ss! i don’t know why it’s even possible that your allowed to consume air. i hope you, and everyone you care about die in several, quite grotesque ways, all at the same time.

person 2: uhhh….wanna bang?

person 1: you b-tch, i thought you’d never ask.

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